Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Warning: Woman on Estrogen

So my appt with Dr. Mac went well yesterday. We talked for awhile, and we came up with a plan. He really wants me to do 21 days of estrogen to build up my lining (since they cut into my uterus again). Apparently he wanted to do that after surgery, but he and Patrick talked about it and Patrick said it makes me crazy...this is what happens when men make decisions by themselves. Anyway, the estrogen would #1 get me to stop bleeding! and #2 be the best tool to get us back on track sooner. So we decided to do half the dose we did after the big septum surgery in July 2005. So far so good, yesterday I felt like you do when have to double on birth control pills because you forgot one. Today is a little better...not nearly as bad as the last time I took them. If I'm down to spotting by tomorrow, then I schedule an u/s in 3 weeks (and we could even be given the green light to try that very next cycle!). If I'm still bleeding tomorrow, then I go in for an u/s tomorrow...we shall see.

In other news, I ran 2 miles straight (and in 18 minutes) for the first time since...yah...November. It felt good, but I'm sore today and have a tennis match tonight. I need a nap!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Constant Problem Child

Seriously...can something please go easily? So prepare yourself for way TMI...I have been sitting on some form of sanitary napkin be it a pantiliner or the current post-surgery floatation device since MID NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress enough how sick and tired of this I am! First it was the progesterone suppositories while I was pregnant...fine, I can deal with that, but this constant bleeding, spotting, more bleeding since JANUARY 5th is driving me f-ing crazy! So anyway, I'm STILL bleeding bright red w/clots today, so I call Dr. Mac's office. It's one of those situations where they said it's probably not an issue, and with anyone else they would just tell them to wait until their post-op appt Friday, but it's me, and they're being extra careful. Turns out they're seeing patients one day a week at Kingwood now, their day is tomorrow, and low and behold I was planning to work from home tomorrow. So they're seeing me at 11:30.

I hate this...I'm sure it's nothing, but as my friends say, with me, it's always something! I think my body is just having a rough time, but I also want to do what's best to get back to trying as soon as possible. So if going on the pill for a couple of months to normalize all of this is the key, then let's just start that now rather than waiting a couple more weeks to see what happens!

Aside from this wonderful Monday morning update, we had a terrific weekend! Just wonderful together time, one of those weekends that just made me miss Patrick the minute he walked out the door this morning...I don't know what I'd do without him.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday : )

Doesn't matter how bad your week has been, the early morning realization that it is indeed Friday makes it all a little better. ; )

So we have a busy weekend (what else is new). I am DETERMINED to get out and exercise this afternoon. Yes, it's only 1 week since surgery, but Dr. Mac said I could! Just a little jog this evening to see how it goes. Although Patrick's stupid cold (I refuse to claim this cold, he got sick first and dangit, I've had more than my share of colds in the past couple of months!) is still driving me nuts...if I can be done running by 6, then I think I'll beat the evening stuffies/coughing misery...oh darn, guess that means I need to leave work early ; )

Anyway, we have 2 parties to go to tomorrow...the unfortunate thing is that the 1st is a 1st birthday party and the second is my favorite neighbor and good friend's going away party thrown by her playgroup buddies...this translates to HOURS of kids running wild...luckily all of these people believe in parenting aided by wine/beer/mixed drink so the infertile can find peace as well ; ) Not to mention the last party is 2 blocks over so I think I can walk that far!

Anyway, then we have soccer on Sunday...that'll tell me how out of shape I've gotten these past couple of weeks! Somewhere this weekend we also need to clean the whole house because my parents are coming next weekend, play tennis because the next tournament is in 2 weeks, and go to the movies because I really want to see Reign Over yah, busy weekend : )

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Duh...chromosome results

Boy I suck at this lately. I never even posted the most important finding of the past couple of months...the chromosome results....another girl...but this one was 45X....that's right, Turner's Syndrome, one of the most common causes of first trimester miscarriages. Just freaking bad luck...why it had to happen to me after 4 other miscarriages, I haven't a clue, but it gives us hope that if we do it all again...the Femara, the progesterone, the daily heparin injections, everything...that this next time will be the time. We only want one, that's it...just one little miracle. And as defeated as I sound post surgery, we're nowhere near ready to give up. But it's hard to stay focused in this stupid recovery feel like you're treading water just trying to keep your head up...and I can't swim.

I'm still alive

I think I've done the "ignore it and it will go away" thing, but apparently that doesn't work with infertility. I'm exhausted, annoyed, and ready to go home, so I'll give you the quick run down.

I had surgery again on Friday...yep, the adventure never ends with me. I NEVER felt quite normal after the last miscarriage. Constant spotting, and then a sonohysterogram that showed "something" in the uterus. After 2 days of methergine, a lot of bleeding, and a lot of cramping, they checked again. Still something there. So Dr. Mac decided to go in with the tool they use for an endometrial biopsy and see if they could get it out...after a very painful clamp on my cervix and even more painful "fishing" for the "clots", clots came out and we redid the sonohyst...still there...freaking lovely.

After a nervous breakdown and much urging by everyone around me, we went for a second opinion. She was great, and she absolutely supported all of my treatment so far. She agreed that we'd found the magic combination and that we should just try again. She also said that whatever is in there had to come out.

So this past Friday, I went for the surgery. Low and behold there was even a little bit of septum left...not enough to cause a problem, but hey, they were in the neighborhood. So they resected the remaining septum, and removed the tissue (not clot) that was still attached to the wall...lovely, my body can do nothing right. I slept Friday, and on and off through the weekend. Ended up being too tired to make it to work yesterday, but I'm here today. I'm grouchy, tired, and I have a sore throat, but I'm down to spotting, not cramping, and feeling some semblance of normal...I'm hoping all will be well by the end of the week!

So that's the quick update for now. I'm sure I'll be posting more as time goes I heal and get back at this again...what a long road this has been...and the prospect of getting back on the highway...terrifying at this point...