Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Progesterone time

Had my progesterone checked today at 6dpo...it was 46.5.

Don't say it, don't even think it. We all know I'm the queen of beautiful responses with nothing to show for it....

But what if...

7 days and counting.

IUI...or better yet...insemination

So I was inseminated on Tuesday, July 24th.

It was scheduled for 3pm, so Patrick was scheduled to "do his thing" at 1:45pm. I was slightly offended that he didn't want any "help" and didn't want me over at that clinic at all. He said he'd rather me be relaxed and just meet him at Dr. Mac's...the later admitted that it was just going to be awkward for him and having me there would just make him more nervous and embarrassed. I guess I can understand. It was his first "invasive" part of infertility...not like he'd had his feet in stirrups with more people than he could count staring at his crotch for years now. ; )

Anyway, do-do bird left a little late, got stuck behind a wreck, and had me worried that the stress would cause him technical difficulties. He got there and got it done, but not until 2:30. So I'm sitting at Dr. Mac's, he's sitting in the building across the complex. Finally, his sample is done...BUT they start giving him the insurance run-around (referral from the PCP, what??). I get annoyed, the nurses see me annoyed in the waiting room, so they call over to the other clinic and tell them to let him get over here with his sample : )

He comes over practically glowing. Apparently his sperm count was over 300 million. Every other factor was great, usually well above normal. At least one of us works! Amazing to everyone that after 3.5years this was his first semen analysis...hahaha!
Anyway, the IUI went smoothly. Patrick even got to actually inseminate me (he pushed the plunger), and he was so cute to pat my tummy and kiss me as soon as he's finished.

Oh, that reminds me. I need to tell the muffin story, but I need my picture to do that...have to get him to download it!

So we wait....

Going for it

When my friend Kerri was getting inseminated, I always liked to say that word and type it. Patrick and I actually joked about it all the time. Well, we got a wild hair and decided, what the heck, let's try adding an insemination. There's no indication that we actually need it (I've been pregnant 4 times), BUT I'm getting antsy and the longer this goes, the more likely Dr. Mac will want to take another peek inside to see if the endometriosis has come back.

So we decided we'd go it with the IUI (insemination...heehee).

I went for my mid-cycle ultrasound on Monday, July 23rd. I had an 18mm follicle on my right and one that after a few measurements averaged out to 18mm on my right. My lining was a gorgeous 9.4mm. Terri thought maybe we'd want to let them grow another day before triggering, but Dr. Mac popped in and said nope, trigger now! So I triggered at 2pm, went to the bathroom not but 15 minutes later, and I had EWCM all over the place! No way the shot did that, I was about to ovulate on my own, so good thing we had done the trigger!!

My IUI was scheduled for the very next day. : )


I know, I suck at blogging right now. Needless to say, last cycle was a bust and I was NOT pregnant. I guess I was so frustrated by it, that I didn't even bother posting about it. I took the test on the Saturday at 12dpo, hoping to have a surprise for Patrick...but nothing. Took another one that Sunday at 13dpo, just as blank as the one the day before. Stopped the progesterone and along came my period.

Given all the activity last cycle, I was convinced (as was Patrick) that I was going to have a cyst and we were going to be on hold again. We were seriously contemplating taking a break, so I think we were just going to let the cyst make the decision.

I got my period when my parents were here on vacation, so my mom got to go with me to the dr.s office. She knew that I was expecting a cyst...and low and behold all clear. I was surprised, Patrick was surprised, my mom even got all teary eyed.

I started my third round of Femara on Friday the 13th...it's always been a lucky day for me...we'll see...on to the next update.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


It's like I've forgotten how to do this. I've been very pessimistic(realistic) about the whole thing, and it's totally a defense mechanism. I know this because I still practice in my head how I would tell Patrick and how I would tell my parents next week.

Patrick got called at the last minute to go to Minneapolis. Long story short, he coaches club volleyball, one of the older teams (17 and under) made it to nationals, their coach got pneumonia and couldn't fly, Patrick was pretty much the only option or the girls would be disqualified...so he left yesterday and doesn't come back until Sunday.

It sucks to be by myself, but we have friends in town (my favorite neighbors who moved and I've missed so much), so I'm staying busy. There's always that dissertation to work on, too....

Anyway, so this is making me want to test before he gets home...just on the off chance that it's positive and I can surprise him. My beta is Monday anyway. So the options are Saturday or Sunday if I want to surprise him or Monday if I just want to cry in the privacy of my own bathroom...we'll see how long I hold out.

I'm off tomorrow (to hang out with my friends that are visiting), so odds are I won't post again until I know...say a prayer for me...this never gets any easier.

Monday, July 02, 2007


So all went well last week. I had a super painful ovulation, but we got the job done, and I'm fairly certain both follicles released.

I did get the guilt trip from Terri and Dr. Mac about soccer and even tennis (it was doubles!). So last Monday Dr. Mac said he would send the police to pick me up if I tried to play my 2 soccer games last week. He said he was less worried about the tennis, but that everyone would rather me just take it easy for 2 weeks...no one wanted to take any chances. So I also had to opt out of my doubles tournament this past weekend.

Patrick and I managed to win our mixed doubles match the day before I ovulated though. : ) But now we're sitting out again. It's one of those situations where it's frustrating because I keep wondering "is this all for nothing" and there's also the pressure of everyone knowing we're "in the window". Everytime I don't play a soccer game everyone assumes I'm pregnant, so we have to quickly say "no, just in the window". I probably would have been ok to play soccer last week (before implantation), but since there was so much activity on that right side (and I was in a bunch of pain Monday), they were worried about ovarian torsion..and I do NOT want to lose my ovary...especially since my right one seems to be the overachiever of the two.

In other news, I had my 7dpo progesterone check today....it was 41.5.
Just digest that for a second...
Yep, it's freaking me out, too...that's a new 7dpo record. I know, I know, it doesn't MEAN anything except that I had a gorgeous ovulatory cycle...but I can still hope.
This week is going to crawl.....................