Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Baaaaacccckkkk!!

OK, I'm sure this will annoy most of you, but this is just a promise that I will return to this blog very soon with a complete recap of the past few months. I also promise to post regularly again and keep you up to date on the daily craziness of our life!!

Nutshell recap...all is well with our happy family of four. Kellen Patrick made a surprise early appearance (35.5 weeks) on February 6th. I'll post details of the delivery day soon, but suffice to say, he did amazing and even came home with us. After starting out at 5 lbs 9oz, he is now weighing in around 15 lbs at 3.5 months...LOL!

Larkin is a crazy little (well not so little either) munchkin. She's walking, talking, dancing, and is my personal mini-me.

I'm so unbelievably grateful. After talking with many people over the past couple of months that have followed this blog and missed my updates, I felt it was only right to come back to continue to post as much about the happiness as I did about the that others can see it come full circle.

...may we never forget where we came from.

More soon...