Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funny Chicken

I know, I know, I need to be better about this, but hey, I'm working on it : )

I had a particularly funny day with Larkin yesterday and just thought I'd share my little chicken's antics.

Funny moment #1: Upon stretching, straining, and reaching awkwardly across her and her carseat to get the stuffed Tigger on the opposite side of the car and hand it to her, my chicken smiles and tells me "good girl".

Funny moment #2: Got her to school, sat her down in the kitchen with her breakfast nervous about how sticky she'll be eating waffles with syrup, I stop to fix her hair. While I'm doing that, she quickly stabs a piece of waffle with her spork and puts it in her mouth. As I sit there in awe, she does it again...and gives me a look like "what?" Turns out she can use a fork (well, spork) to feed herself...who knew!?

Funny moment #3: Getting home from school and looking through her bag, wondering how long her nap was...
Me: What does your sheet say?
Larkin: Baaaaaa

Oh and the whole "spell it out" covert tactic that most parents use with toddlers is apparently not foolproof. When discussing whether or not we should get her a S-N-A-C-K this weekend, she looked at us and said "Ya, eat, nack". Are you kidding me? We're in so much trouble!