Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Kellen Update

Oh where to start with my sweet boy. He’s yet to have a nickname stick. I’ve alternated between froggy (for how he’s constantly making jumping motions with his legs when he’s excited) and lobster (he’s always pinching me!), but Larkin’s nickname for him has stuck the most…Kiki…LOL!

I’m sure you’ll remember how I always said Larkin was a super easy baby (you’ll at least remember how you hated me for that…LOL!), well Kellen was/is a bit more “challenging”. Feel better now?

The good news is that he’s well on his way to being a good/happy baby now but we definitely had some rough spots. He cries…Larkin NEVER cried. He still cries everytime we attempt to get him to sleep…it’s normal for him (and apparently for most babies, who knew!). But for the first few weeks, he was miserable when he wasn’t sleeping. He fought with his bottle the same way Larkin did, spit up through his nose daily, would cry inconsolably (again Larkin could ALWAYS be soothed) at times, and just seemed to genuinely not be happy. Somehow that translated into me not letting anyone else help with him (I didn’t want to burden anyone else with it I guess), so he became completely attached to me and it led to bonding issues with him and Patrick.

I also got extremely paranoid about Kellen and Larkin touching…Typhoid Mary was always sick, and I was terrified he would get it. Again, it led to issues with me feeling alienated from Larkin, and clinging to Kellen even more. He did get sick, bronchiolitis at 2mo. It was horrible, we all had it and trying to take care of everyone while worrying like crazy and being sick myself was the hardest week of my life. So I have another kid with “asthmatic tendencies”, but he’s another tough cookie! Kept smiling through every breathing treatment and coughing spell. But again, him being sick made me that much more protective of him.

Finally I started to let go of my hold on him…and he’s happier for it. He has the biggest sweetest smile and the nose wrinkle that goes with it sometimes completely melts my heart. Patrick can get him laughing like crazy, and he’ll squeal if you try to clean under his neck. Everytime Larkin gets near him, he just smiles at her in adoration. Even after she’s just finished hitting him in the head, he smiles at her.

So while I can say the first few weeks were rough, we’ve settled into a rhythm. Last night, both kids were down for the night at 7:30pm…and no one got out of their room until 6:30am. It’s absolutely wonderful. He took a little while longer than Larkin to be a good sleeper, but he’s in the groove now! We’re so excited.

He’s reaching for things, playing in the Exersaucer, sitting up well with support, eating his bottles very well, just about ready to roll over (which of course will re-ignite my obsession with staring at the monitor all night…ugh!), and growing like a weed! His visit this week at the doctor revealed that he’s 17 lbs…he’s pretty much on par with Larkin’s weight, but somehow he doesn’t look quite as round as her (maybe he has bigger bones?). I have no idea how long he is since he won’t sit still long enough for us to measure, but he’s definitely over 25 inches at this point. He’s wearing 9 month clothing…he’s 4.5 months. I know I talk a lot about how big my kids are, but it’s truly such a comforting thing to me. To give birth to these tiny babies who go on to have weight gain or feeding issues and then see them grow into these strong little people…it’s just such a relief.

So now, your first real glimpse at Kellen…
February (2 weeks old), long skinny thing
March (1 month old)
April (2 months old)
May (3 months old)


Polly Gamwich said...

Honestly, I'm not sure how you've done the Irish twin pair ... but I hope to follow in your footsteps ;-) ... ok, maybe I should get through this experience first ... but you know what it's like being on this end ... I'd really just like to put all this heartache and drama behind me!

So it's so funny that you say that Larkin was an easy baby and Kellen not so much ... I ALWAYS hear that. And I like hearing it too - b/c honestly I've judged moms for not being able to put their kids to bed (or whatever) and when they say "it's just the way the baby is" I always judge that too ... I'm so bad. I know I'll loosen up when I have my own ;-)

He is adorable - I hope you get a chance to loosen up a bit and give him the bonding with others that you'd like ... I can only imagine how hard that is (coming from a germaphobe).

Your family is beautiful and I'm so glad you picked up blogging again ... I can't wait to watch your kids' crazy antics!!!

Bethwyn said...

He's gorgeous!

Lucas got Bronchiolitis at 2mo old as well, it sucked and lasted until he was almost 4 months. Both Bailey and Lucas both have asthmatic tendencies now because of it, too. We have to do breathing treatments when they get sick and have a cute little teddy bear spacer to use with their inhalers.

lunar said...

Bethwyn- It always sounds like our kids are on the same sickly path...LOL! We're into summer here but still finding ways to get sick! Ugh!

Polly- I've gotten better about letting others have him (I'm back at work so my husband has him all day, he's home for the summer). And for the "just the way the baby is"...the baby can have whatever personality, but it's still up to the parents to mold and encourage a schedule. We credit what we learned with Larkin for getting him on a good nap/bedtime schedule, it just took a few weeks longer. Maybe because he's more "difficult", but honestly, probably because he was a month early. I really have nothing to complain about these days!!

wirrek said...


It was so good seeing you minus Typoid Mary. I wish I would have taken pictures. There is just something about boys vs girls. Girls are just better about self soothing and entertaining themselves apparently.

I had the same experience with James. I mean, who would want to watch my baby. It is so much work!

And both of my boys are high energy. We are on a strict schedule which works for us, but any other time we are out, it is crazy and I have no control. Sorry to the general public!

Connie Weiss said...

Irish Twins are the best! Just wait until they are 2 and 3!

He is just so handsome!